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God designed you with unique gifts, passions, and talents, and we want to help you find a place to serve! When you serve in the area God designed you for, it’s rewarding to you and beneficial to those you serve.

Already know where you want to serve? Fill out our Serve Form.

  • Altar Ministry
    Do you believe in the power of prayer? Our team prays for people at the altar after weekend services. If you’re a Gateway Church member and have a stable, mature walk with God, we would love to have you join our team. We provide training so you can be fully prepared to minister to people through prayer.

  • Bookstore
    Do you love being around books? What about helping people find spiritually nourishing resources? Join our team as we interact with people to help them find the perfect resources for their journey with God.

  • Brigade Handyman
    Brigade is a ministry that serves widows and single parent families by performing handyman projects on their homes. Are you skilled in one of the basic handyman skills: plumbing, electrical, carpentry, landscaping, etc.? Even if you’re not, we’d love to have you come serve with us and learn! Each project is completed by a team of competent, caring people.

  • Building/Facilities
    Are you an electrician, plumber, painter, or HVAC technician? Do you like cleanliness and making sure spaces are neat and tidy for people to enjoy? We have many buildings that need a helping hand! Join our team and help make the building presentable so every guest feels welcome.

  • Café and Food Services
    Do you love coffee and being around a community of people? We not only make some of the best hot and cold drinks but also put together meals and show hospitality to others. There’s plenty of ways you can serve on our team!

  • Care 
    If you have a heart to serve people in one-on-one ministry, Care may be the place for you. We impact the lives of our congregation in many ministry settings and ways, including counseling, freedom, stewardship, hospital visits, bereavement, and so much more!

  • Equip
    Every Gateway Equip experience is designed to teach people to hear God’s voice, embrace God’s Word, and become a healthy, mature disciple. Join our team as we create a wonderful environment for Equip class attendees. The time of classes varies based on campus.

  • Guest Experience (Greeter, Parking, Usher, Gateway Central, Communion)
    Do you love to help people feel included? Does it bother you when you see people without a friend? You can make a difference by joining the Guest Experience team. We help create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who comes to Gateway Church, from a first time guest to a long-time member.

  • Group Leader
    Types of Groups: co-ed, marriage & family, men, Primetime, single adults, single parents, students (7th–12th grade), women, and young adults (ages 18–29)
    Leading a group doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming—you can start leading right where you are! Whatever God made you passionate about, you can lead a group around that common interest. We will give you all the training, resources, and support you need to succeed as a Gateway Groups leader.

  • Heartline (First-Time Guest Follow-Up)
    Do you love to talk on the phone? Do you love Gateway Church and the impact it has had on your life? The Heartline team might be perfect for you. Join our team as we make phone calls to every first-time guest. Training and tools are provided so you can make calls from your home.

  • Jewish
    Gateway Jewish Ministry strives to educate, encourage, and reach out. We would love you to be part of our team as we serve at our monthly Jewish service and many other events designed to reach the Jew first.

  • Kids (Check-In)
    Help us shape the next generation for the future God has planned for them! Our team welcomes families and helps them check in their children for children’s ministry.

  • Kids (Classroom)
    Help us shape the next generation for the future God has planned for them. If you are 16 or older, we would love your help in our classrooms as we teach kids about God and have fun!

  • Live Production
    Do you have an interest in audio, lighting, or cameras? With every sound transmitted, every light shone, and each image displayed in our services, Live Production seeks to steward the atmosphere for the presence of God. If you would like to serve at Gateway, we have a place for you in live production! No experience necessary—training is provided. All ages welcome! Volunteers under 13 are required to have a parent serve alongside them.

  • Medical Ministry Team (Valid Medical License Required)
    Are you a doctor, nurse, or paramedic that can lend a hand for emergency situations during weekend services and large events? Join our team and lend a hand before first responders arrive.

  • Men’s Events
    Here at Gateway Men, we seek God first. We recognize that every man has an innate desire to be part of something bigger than himself. Serve with us at one of our many events throughout the year.

  • Office Assistant
    Do you enjoy being part of an office team? Do you have time during the week? Join our team by serving in the office! We will help you find tasks perfectly suited to your skills and time commitment.

  • Outreach
    The mission of Gateway Outreach is to equip, empower, and mobilize people to make a kingdom impact outside the walls of Gateway Church. Join our team and serve at one of our many outreach opportunities.

  • Prayer
    Wherever you are in your personal prayer life, God wants to take you higher. Join our team as we pray for the needs of those at Gateway Church.

  • Uniformed Security Officer
    Are you current or retired law enforcement? Perhaps you have military training? If your heart is to protect and serve, then there is a place for you on the security team at your campus.

  • Stewardship
    At Gateway Stewardship, we serve people by teaching biblical financial principles and how to apply them in real-life situations. We encourage you to get involved in our ministry by becoming: a coach/table leader at the Financial Hope Workshop; a class leader/group leader at Financial Peace University; a Financial Fitness coach; a car donation ministry volunteer; and much more. Training is available for every serving opportunity.

  • Students (7th–12th Grade)
    Join our team as we fulfill our vision to see students saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered, and serving. We meet every Wednesday evening at each campus and serve junior high and senior high students.

  • Water Baptism
    As a water baptism volunteer, you will have the opportunity to serve during our Churchwide Baptism services. You might set up registration and classrooms, help with check-in and registration, give out t-shirts and kits, guide people to different areas, or hand out towels. Come be part of the team that helps make this a big celebration!

  • Women’s Mentoring
    Mentors are a huge part of what we do to minister to women at Gateway. Join our one-on-one Women’s Mentoring program and be trained to serve other women as they grow through the challenges of every season of life.

  • Worship
    Do you have a musical gift and love leading others in worship? Come serve with us! Training is provided, and a musical evaluation is required.

  • Young Adults (18–29 Years Old)
    If you have a heart for serving, we have a place for you! Gateway Young Adults doesn’t just happen from week to week, it’s built on the shoulders of amazing servant-hearted leaders—young adults who share their time, talents, and energy to make church great for others. Join our team and serve with us!

To get started, fill out our Serve Form.

Looking to serve in your local community? Visit our Outreach page.